Good News: “Fair Admissions” campaign

AdmissionsThe Lawyers’ Secular Society is delighted to see the launch of the Fair Admissions campaign which seeks to end religious selection for state school admissions. We fully support the campaign.

Commenting on the campaign Charlie Klendjian, secretary of the LSS, said:

“This campaign is very encouraging indeed. It’s supported by a variety of individuals and groups, both religious and non-religious. It’s recognised that those individuals and groups will naturally have differing views on related issues that aren’t covered by this campaign, such as the state funding of faith schools, curriculum and employment, but everyone is absolutely united in achieving the campaign’s objective of ending religious selection for state school admissions.

“This is a crucial issue of equality and fairness. Equality before the law is an essential ingredient of a free and democratic society, and it is non-negotiable.

It’s to the great shame of so many of our politicians and public figures, from right across the political spectrum, that they continue to support such a manifestly unfair and divisive system.

“No politician or public figure can speak with a serious face about “community cohesion” in one sentence whilst supporting in the next sentence a system where the state treats individuals differently on the basis of their religion or lack of it. Lawyers have words for this behaviour: discrimination and segregation. As the campaign says on its website: It is time it is stopped.

“It’s very difficult for any one organisation to make significant progress on such an important subject as this on its own. The LSS therefore believes that building a broad coalition of groups that occupy vital common ground, as this campaign does, is exactly the right strategy.

“We wish the campaign all the very best and we look forward to helping in any way we can.”

You can read more about the campaign here and you can follow the campaign on Twitter @fairadmissions

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