Secular Europe Campaign

SECThe Lawyers’ Secular Society is pleased to support the Secular Europe Campaign march and rally. This is an annual event to celebrate progress that has been made towards a more secular society, to demand more and to have a good time.

This year’s march will take place on Saturday 14 September 2013. We will assemble at 1230 in Temple Place, next to Temple tube station. The march will start at 1300, ending in a rally at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street. Full details are here.

Charlie Klendjian, Secretary of the LSS, will be speaking at the rally. Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor AC Grayling
  • Anne Marie Waters (One Law For All)
  • Sue Cox (Survivors Voice Europe)
  • Nahla Mahmoud (Council of ex-Muslims)
  • Naomi Phillips (Labour Humanists)
  • Adam Knowles (GAHLA – LGBT Humanists)
  • Rory Fenton (AHS)

Commenting on the campaign and the march Charlie Klendjian said:

“This is an important campaign and the LSS is delighted to support it. It’s very easy for those of us in the United Kingdom to take our rights for granted, and in particular the right to choose a religion or no religion. Events like this march hopefully ensure we don’t do that.

It also reminds us there is a good deal of unfinished business – in this country but more significantly elsewhere. It’s therefore vital that we show solidarity with those facing even more significant challenges than ourselves.

“I really would urge people to attend the event – especially first timers and especially law students, lawyers and other legal professionals. If you’re worried about being set upon by aggressive/militant/intolerant secularists I assure you that you needn’t be. 

There is a Facebook page here and a Meetup page here. The hashtag for the day will be #SECM2013

Update: you can read Charlie Klendjian’s speech here.

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