Law Society’s guidance on “Sharia compliant” wills: round-up

Law Soc protest flyerOur campaign calling on the Law Society to withdraw their practice note giving guidance on “Sharia compliant” wills is gathering pace.

Our objections to the Law Society’s practice note are as follows:

  1. The Law Society is giving guidance on a subject that is outside of its remit (theology)
  2. The Law Society is giving sharia, which is not only theology but which also has a very poor human rights record, the credibility and respectability of a legal discipline within our jurisdiction
  3. We are not in any way challenging the principle of testamentary freedom under English law but we do not feel it is appropriate for the Law Society to give guidance on how to achieve discrimination: the Law Society is endorsing and encouraging discriminatory behaviour because the practice note contains guidance which explicitly discriminates against women and non-Muslims (at section 3.6 of the practice note). The Law Society would not and should not give guidance on, e.g., how to achieve racist objectives in a will even though racist provisions would be lawful, and nor should it give guidance on how to achieve sexist and religiously discriminatory objectives in a will
  4. Anything that undermines or competes with English law, or that is perceived as undermining or competing with English law, is damaging to the principle of equality before the law and the rule of law more generally
  5. The practice note is at odds with the Law Society’s own stated commitment to equality and diversity

We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us spread the message or who has signed our petition, and we are delighted that this story has been picked up so quickly by the national media.

If you haven’t already, please do consider signing our petition, or putting pressure directly on the Law Society to withdraw their guidance.

We will be using this page to keep a useful chronology of this campaign’s key events, media coverage and blog posts, so check in regularly for the latest.

(Please note that numbering may occasionally be reordered if we come across media coverage etc. after the event.)

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