Launch of “Sharia Watch UK” – House of Lords

LSS Secretary Charlie Klendjian will be speaking at the launch of Sharia Watch UK on Thursday 24th April 2014 at the House of Lords.

Sharia Watch UK is a new internet resource to provide information, news and political discussion on the issues surrounding Islamic sharia law in the UK.

Sharia Watch UK will examine the impact of Islamic sharia law, especially relating to the rights and freedoms of women, freedom of speech, and the democratic principle of one law for all.

The event is kindly hosted by Baroness Cox, and the LSS is very grateful for the opportunity to be involved. The launch event is by invitation only and not open to the general public, but Charlie Klendjian’s speech will appear on this page shortly after the launch.

Update: Charlie Klendjian’s speech here (PDF).

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