The Church of England and the Judiciary: an update

Judges walk from Westminster Abbey to the Houses of ParliamentThis is an update on the personal campaign of two LSS members who are calling for a separation of the Church of England from judicial affairs.

LSS members Peter Fisher MBE, a retired Ministry of Justice civil servant, and John Butcher, a former Tory parliamentary candidate and current Surrey councillor, are calling for the abolishment of the religious element of ceremonies to mark the start of the legal year. You can read some of the initial media coverage here and here.

Pursuant to a freedom of information request, Peter Fisher and John Butcher have now received from the Ministry of Justice a list of all the judges who accepted invitations to attend the judges’ services in 2013, 2012 and 2011. The list is here (PDF). This information that Peter Fisher and John Butcher have obtained was not previously in the public domain.

The LSS should emphasise that this is a list of judges who accepted invitations; it does not follow that they necessarily attended. The Ministry of Justice does not hold a list of the judges who attended the service, as they explained to Peter Fisher and John Butcher in their accompanying letter dated 4 December 2013 (half way down page 2).

All the correspondence and key events from this campaign is being collated chronologically on this page of the LSS website.

(Image credit above: The Guardian)

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