Charlie Klendjian leaves the LSS over security fears

Charlie Klendjian has today (19 August 2015) resigned as Secretary and a member of the Lawyers’ Secular Society. His resignation takes immediate effect.

Klendjian’s main reason for leaving is that the security consequences of being one of only three people in this country publicly associated with the Sharia Watch UK / Vive Charlie Mohammed cartoon exhibition have been far too severe for my own personal threshold”, describing it as a “thoroughly unpleasant and scary experience, and one I hope I can forget in the shortest possible timeframe by leaving the LSS immediately.”

Klendjian has written an open farewell letter to LSS members, which also sets out his highlights of his tenure as LSS Secretary. You can read it here (PDF).

The LSS membership recently voted to send a speaker to the Mohammed cartoon exhibition in London, which was scheduled for 18 September. Klendjian was due to speak but subsequently had to pull out for personal reasons. The LSS was unable to find a replacement speaker, although the LSS still fully supported the event and was happy to be publicly associated with it. In fact the LSS was the only secularist organisation to publicly support the event.

On 16 August 2015 the event was cancelled for security reasons.

The LSS thanks Charlie Klendjian for his excellent service to the LSS, in particular for re-launching the organisation in October 2012 after it had lapsed, and leading it ever since; for raising the LSS’s profile; and for playing a key role in forcing the Law Society to withdraw its controversial sharia guidance in November 2014.

An LSS member will provide administrative support to the LSS following Klendjian’s departure while the LSS considers its future direction.

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