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The Lawyers’ Secular Society believes that legal rights and the administration of justice should be based on equality, respect for human rights and objective evidence, and that no weight should be attached to religious doctrine, belief in the supernatural or so-called cultural traditions. We campaign against any religious practices or privileges which infringe the lawful rights of others.

The LSS promotes law and policy making that advances equal rights for all. We raise awareness of the often inevitable conflict between equal treatment for everyone and the continuing demands of many religious institutions and individuals for special treatment and exemption from equality requirements.

The LSS is not anti-religious, and we are equally opposed to the religious or the non-religious being discriminated against. We believe that religion is a matter for private conscience, not for public advantage, and that everyone has identical legal rights and responsibilities regardless of their religion, if any.

We support everyone’s right to religious freedom, including the right to change their religion or to have no religion, but we believe the right to practice a religion does not permit interference with the fundamental rights of others, and that the right of all members of society to live free from discrimination and to have equal access to employment, to education and to services must always come first.

The LSS is religiously neutral. We have religious and non-religious members and supporters, and our remit is firmly secularism – it is not atheism or humanism (though we enjoy excellent relations with many atheist and humanist organisations). It is not the LSS’s role to mock or to discredit religion but it most certainly is our role to defend to the absolute hilt those who do. We perform this role proudly and without apology. See the Freedom of speech and expression section of the Key Issues page.

The LSS is also vigorously politically neutral. We are not of the Left or the Right, and our members are drawn from right across the political spectrum. We are for or against specific policies of political parties insofar as those policies relate to secularism, rather than being for or against individual political parties.

Important: The LSS does not provide legal advice but we might be able to help those who have suffered genuine discrimination because of their religion or lack of it raise the public profile of their case. You can get in touch through the Contact Us page.

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